review: bombs and bubbles (july 2019)

This month I had the pleasure of working with Bombs and Bubbles! Bombs and Bubbles is a handmade bath bomb subscription that is delivered monthly. Each month is based on a different theme, and there are two subscription options: The Fuse (3 items) and The Bomb (5+ items). Shipping is fast and free, and The Fuse has plans as low as $11.66/month and The Bomb has plans as low as $20.83/month. Today I will be reviewing their ‘The Bomb’ box for July 2019.

My favorite bomb of the month is this adorable popsicle design. Is it really the Fourth of July if you don’t spill a “bomb pop” on your tank top at some point during the day? This popsicle smelled like strawberries, the perfect summer scent.

The next two bath bombs included were a purple sparkly bomb and a pink and blue striped bomb. The purple bomb was very sophisticated and classy; I just love the sparkles. The scent was black raspberry vanilla! The striped bomb was much more whimsical, and was cotton candy scented. If I had to pick a second-favorite bomb in this box besides the popsicle, I would choose the purple as it’s my favorite color.

The next two bombs included were red and green. Christmas in July, anyone? The green bomb’s scent is difficult to explain, but the notecard describes it as ‘Lust.’ The red with green sparkle bomb smelled like watermelon: another classic summer scent!

And last but not least, here’s a close-up of the two more complicated bombs in the package. We already highlighted the popsicle earlier in the blog, but this USA bomb was pretty cool too. It’s very large, and I’m surprised it didn’t crack during shipment! Everything was carefully packed with lots of teeny crinkly papers. The scent of this one is a little tricky to describe as well, but the folks at Bombs and Bubbles describe it as ‘Beautiful Day.’

Overall I was very pleased with this box! I love how they paid close attention to the time of year and created items for their box that fit accordingly. It was also very helpful to have all of the scents and ingredients nicely organized on one convenient piece of paper. None of the bath bombs cracked or leaked at all, which is also a definite plus as these sorts of things often get broken during shipment.

If you’d like more information on Bombs and Bubbles, definitely check out their website, instagram, and Facebook. Self care is important, and you deserve it!

I received this subscription in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own. Thanks for reading!

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