review: degusta box (january 2019)

Happy 2019! Cheers to another year of fabulous reviews for even more fabulous companies. I have been working with the Degusta Box company for over a year now, and I am consistently impressed with the quality and variety of products that they pack into each month’s box. Their January box was no exception! Each box is just $19.99 with free shipping, but check out my secret codes page for an e x c l u s i v e happilyuboxing discount code. This is a great value, especially with the discount, as this month’s box was valued over $37.99!

Smashmallow Smash Crispy Marshmallow Rice Treats ($1.99 each)

The first and CUTEST items in this month’s box were the Smash Crispy Marshmallow Rice Treats by Smashmallow! The packaging of these cuties is just too much to handle. I want to look at them, I want to gift them, I want to eat them… I think I need a six pack! This up-and-coming brand has the trendiest aesthetic and a charming social media presence. You’ll love them!

Michel et Augustin Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Square (gift)

The second items included were these teeny tiny hazelnut cookie squares by Michel et Augustin. They were truly bite-sized, but the perfect on-the-go snack! I’m curious if there’s a larger size of this product available, as it seems a bit wasteful for all of them to be individually packaged when they could come unwrapped in a large bag.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Hot Sauce ($3.29)

Next up was a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Hot Sauce. As mentioned in some of my previous blogs, there is almost always a condiment included in each Degustabox. It is often hot sauce or mustard. I’m not a huge fan of these, but I do love that it’s vegan-friendly and gluten free! The box also came with a coupon for an additional bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Hot Sauce (for free!).

Frey Milk Crunchy Nut Bar ($3.29)

Sometimes, while you’re taking pictures for a blog post, something looks so delicious that you eat it before you finish taking pictures of the rest of the box. This was one of those times. And the Frey Milk Crunchy Nut Bar was delicious!

MaraNatha Almond Butter Packets (~$3.00?)

These little almond butter packets are perfect for meals or snacking on-the-go! I am looking forward to using these in a few different ways: on toast, with a banana, or even just by themselves! Three flavors were included: coconut, caramel, and dark chocolate.

Partners Olive Oil & Sea Salt Snack Crackers ($3.99)

The next item included was this box of Olive Oil & Sea Salt crackers by Partners. These were very yummy topped with hummus. They also have no trans fats or hydrogenated oils (score!) and are non-GMO.

Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes ($1.39 each)

There were also two Idahoan Instant Mashed Potato mixes included. There were two of these in the September 2018 box, and we have started to use this product all of the time! They are so easy and quick to whip up as a side dish. This month’s box included the Cheddar & Sour Cream and Smokey Cheese & Bacon flavors.

Lundberg Family Farms Grounded Snacks Vanilla Chai Baked Grain Bites ($3.49)

These vanilla chai baked grain bites from Lundberg are so yummy! The packaging is so adorable, and I just love the magenta pink color. I always thought that chai was only a drink, so I was excited to see it in this form.

Vitabella Traditional Choco Crispies ($5.99)

The next item included were these Traditional Choco Crispies from Vitabella. This was the largest and priciest item in the box. The corner was a bit damaged but that didn’t affect the delicious crispies inside! I am curious to see how these would hold up in a Rice Krispy Treat recipe.

La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Flour Tortillas ($4.89)

These yummy tortillas were the Degusta Box Product of the Month! Founders Jose and Mary Tamayo have been bringing authentic Mexican flavors to California since 1977, and are the first and only Low Carb Tortilla on the market. I used every single one of these in one short week making a plethora of quesadillas. They were so so good!

Overall I was very pleased with this month’s box. My favorite items were the marshmallow treats, tortillas, and the almond butter packets. It was a great variety of products and an amazing value! If you’d like a box of your own, take a look at some additional examples here, here, and here. Also, be sure to take a look at Degustabox’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to get in on the action.

I received this subscription in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own. Thanks for reading!

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