review: degustabox (october 2018)

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This month’s Degustabox was spoooooky!  It was filled to the brim with yummy treats to celebrate the most junk-filled month of the year. This monthly subscription service contains 9-14 delicious food products. It costs only $19.99 including delivery, and if you check out my secret codes page you can claim an exclusive discount code!


Though I wasn’t a huge fan of the chewy Sixlets, the classic Sixlets were such a treat! They were a favorite growing up so it was fun to see them again. The TastyKakes seem pretty unhealthy, and I try to stay away from foods like Twinkies and Little Debbie Cakes. I didn’t try them because of this, but they sure looked like a treat. The Caribo banana candy was very weird, I’m curious as to what country it came from! It truly did taste like bananas. 


Ding ding ding! This was my f a v o r i t e item in this month’s box, as I’m sure many of you could have guessed due to my constant adoration of fruit snacks. They were absolutely delicious, a good texture, packed with flavor, and contain 100% of your daily value of vitamin C. Score!


Next up we had four mini bags of pirate’s booty. These would be perfect to pass out to trick-or-treaters! To those who haven’t tried Pirate’s Booty before, it’s a yummy rice and corn puff (that I recently learned is also gluten free!). The Bush’s Best Sriracha Lime Chickpeas look a little spicy to me, but I love that chickpeas are a great vegetarian source of protein.


Next up, we have this Idahoan Creamy Potato Soup! I was surprised to see on the package that cooks in only five minutes, and the only ingredient that you need is water. This definitely gets major points for convenience.


The next item in this month’s Degustabox is Brown & Haley Sea Salt Caramel Rocs (caramel buttercrunch toffee with almonds). The first thing that came to mind when I saw this is that it would be a perfect stocking stuffer, especially for an adult as I don’t know how well most kids would respond to this candy (I didn’t like toffee as a child, but I’m unsure if that’s normal or not).


The two final items in this month’s box are Bahlsen Waffeletten (crispy rolled wafers) and Sunspire peanut butter chips. The Bahlsen Waffeletten were one of the first items that I opened, and they were so yummy! I would definitely recommend trying this German chocolate with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

I’m looking forward to trying the peanut butter chips from Sunspire in cookies! Check out the recipe I found on Pinterest here. While you’re on Pinterest, be sure to give Happily Unboxing a follow too! We are new to the platform and would love your support. 

Overall I was very pleased with this month’s box! Truthfully, any subscription box with fruit snacks in it is a win for me. The October box could have been filled with just fruit snacks, and I would have been ecstatic. 🙂 

Thank you so much for looking! For more info on Degustabox, feel free to check out some of my past reviews here, here, and here. Also, take a look at Degustabox’s website, Facebook, and Instagram. They even have a brand new logo! 

I received this subscription in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own.

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